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The thought of creating our own vineyard began as a social conversation in 2010.  While sipping a glass of fine wine, the idea flowed much like our enthusiasm and a passion for nature.

The concept became reality with our vineyard Steinbruch, nourished by robust motivation and the total support of our family. The anticipation to taste our first wine grew with time, as we diligently worked to nurture the vineyard.

In 2012, we purchased the Vlg. Ritter farm and created a home for our creative endeavor. The meadows were transformed into terraced vineyards and in the spring 2013, the first planting of vineyard Josefsberg took place. In 2018 the third vineyard Ried Weinberg became part of our winery- the vineyard area is now 1,3h in total.



Located in the north of Wolfsberg, in the historic vineyard of Weinzedlei, the first steps to revitalize the local viniculture were made in 2010. Our Steinbruch vineyard is defined a unique and precipitous south-facing lime soil. The vegetation grows very early in the season due to the moderate microclimate. This enables our white wines to thoroughly mature become richly aromatic.

Vinyard: Steinbruch

Area: 0,2ha

Weinstöcke am Josefsberg 2

Our farm is located in the south of Lavanttal, near St. Paul, and is situated 450 meters above sea level. Our vineyard, Josefsberg, consists of very steep meadows for viniculture. For this reason, our vineyard was terraced to optimize the location. The beauty of the Josefsberg vineyard is the land, naturally rich with minerals, creating complex, high quality wines.

Vinyard: Josefsberg

Area: 0,6ha


Die ältesten unserer Rebstöcke sind in der Ried Weinberg zu finden. Bereits 1999 wurden die ersten Rebstöcke der Sorten Chardonnay, Sauvignon Blanc, Zweigelt und Blauburger gepflanzt.

Vinyard: Weinberg

Area: 0,5ha



Gelber Muskateller Josefsberg 2017

(12,0 %vol. alc., acid 6,7 g/l, residual sugar 2,3 g/l)

elderflower, grapefruit, herbs and citrus
lively and fruity

histamin content <0,1mg/l


Chardonnay Steinbruch 2017

(12,5 %vol. alc., acid 7,1 g/l, residual sugar 1,1 g/l)

pear, white currant, banana
exotic, brisk and fresh


Sauvignon Blanc Steinbruch 2017

(12,5 %vol. alc., acid 6,2 g/l, residual sugar 1,2 g/l)

gooseberry, green pepper, passion fruit
fruity, exotic and stimulating



Chardonnay Josefsberg 2017

(12,0 %vol. alc., acid 7,0 g/l, residual sugar 1,0 g/l

pear, nectarine and hazelnut
fresh, crisp and elegant

histamin content <0,1mg/l


Sauvignon Blanc Josefsberg 2017

(12,5 %vol. alc., acid 6,9 g/l, residual sugar 1,0 g/l)

herbs, lemon
powerfull and fruity

histamin content <0,1mg/l


Pinot Noir Josefsberg 2016

(12,5 %vol. alc, acid 4,6 g/l, residual sugar 1,0 g/l)

cherry, raspberry, plum
easy to drink and elegant


Our wines are available by appointment at our vineyard

Thursday 4pm – 7pm

as well as through our partners:

Lagerhaus Wolfsberg

The location can also be booked for parties and events.



DI (FH) Sabine David


+43 680 30 27 100


Loschental 8
9470 St. Paul

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